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Bringing back purpose to our old phones.
Pass it on, make a switch.


Lokalist is an environmental focused tech start-up, on a mission to collect old phones that are retired in our drawers.
They've build a marketplace platform for donating and selling smartphones.


Lokalist is an environmental focused tech start-up, on a mission to collect old phones that are retired in our drawers.

Twin sisters joining forces in their shared pursuit of fashion photography.


Twins Maria and Louise Thornfeldt have made photography their way of living and after many years, they finally wanted to create a name for themselves together.

In a male dominated photography world, the two sisters addressed that looking highly refined and exclusive was a top priority.

One sister lives in Paris the other in Copenhagen, the challenge was to combine both aesthetics.


International clients of the twins, should from first click feel the scandinavian minimalistic design that the sisters stand for.

We came up with the catchphrase "two sisters, one objective" which manifests in the logo.
Two camera lenses, two set of eyes and together, one outlook.

The simplistic style we landed on draws inspiration from the streets of Paris and the minimalism of new nordic design.

Branding a fintech-bank from scratch.


Hufsy is a fintech start-up, helping out smaller teams with cross-border banking.
When Hufsy still only where the 2 co-founders they reached out asking for help with their branding.

At the time as a small start-up their aim was to raise capital from investors, to make an even better product.
We helped them by navigating and setting the course for their visual direction.


For banks, security is the most important  sign to convey to their clients.

The visual language was therefore inspired by strong diagonally lines crossing.
Combined with motion that draws inspiration from virtual money moving seamlessly across borders.

Green numbers on the stock market is a positive indicator that the color palette drew its inspiration from.

Finding a sunny spot,
for Boxplant.


Boxplant was a project set out to take Kickstarter by storm.

The challenge was to brand the flagship product, a plant called "Baby tears".
While in the box, it´s a self watering plant system, open it out to the world, now it´s your responsibility to help it grow.


The solution we made was to create an identity that could span from physical packaging to digital design.

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The goal is to create memorable holistic brand identities.
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